VT Audio Editions 06: Turner of Wheels
Turner of Wheels - Blotted

"Blotted" is composed and performed by Shane Turner aka Turner of Wheels.

A piece in four parts for found vocals. Found vocals are arranged into patterns and textures drawn from sibilanct sounds, plosives, tones and vowels, leaving the meaning of the phrases to be created by the listener.

Shane Turner's solo work currently explores both the creation and perception of timbre. Found vocals and synthesized sounds in vocal ranges are arranged into popular music structures, exploring the psychological phenomena of pareidolia and apophenia--the tendency of the human brain to find meaning and patterns that mirror the recognizably human and one's own memories--contrasting the shared and subjective nature of musical experience. Shane lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he finished a BFA in Electroacoustic Music at Concordia University in 2005. Aside from his solo project turner of wheels, he participates in improvised electronic music, dance and post-industrial bands as part of Monkeyphone (with Paul Keeley/Robert Doell and Tomas Matthews), The Fold (with add.remove/Paul Williams) and F.A.S.T. (with Freida Abtan), and has worked on freelance sound design projects. His music has been released by ORAL records, the Canadian Electroacoustic Community and Panospria/NoType.