VT Audio Editions 05: Direwires
Direwires - Insomnia's Grin/Sleep Reprieve

Tracks by Adam W. Young

Contains edited portions of field audio by Rob Danielson and Daniel Schiller – courtesy of soundtransit.nl. Licensed under a Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

Insomnia's Grin/Sleep's Reprieve (headphones recommended but not required)

Recorded in Sarnia, Ontario, spring/winter 2010.

Based in a small border city in Southwestern Ontario, Direwires is the work of Adam W. Young. Adam spent over 15 years creating experimental electronic music in his childhood home and later flats in Germany and Canada. The Direwires project was created out of Adam's admiration of the electro-acoustic/experimental movement, personal nostalgia and the work of film & video game composers. Forming the basis of the project, techniques were devised for marrying the typical composition process, synthesis with the usage of personally-relevant voices and field recordings. While the topics/themes remain obvious throughout the hundreds of works recorded over the years, seldom is the listener aware of the personal investment in each piece while they listen to virtual instruments created from the sounds of the people and places important in Adam's life. New Direwires albums are expected this year and Adam is also preparing to make appearances under a new guise in 2011/2012 that should appeal the dance floor crowd.