VT Audio Editions 02: Christina Sealey
VT Audio Editions 02: Christina Sealey
Christina Sealey - Living Spaces (live version)

Christina Sealey - Composer/performer
Richard Oddie - Additional sound sources/synthesis

This audio piece, "Living Spaces (live version)" is an improvisation using sounds from a recent performance and exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, co-presented with Richard Oddie. This recording combines location recordings and sound synthesis to create a psycho-geographical reading of a particular route through the city of Hamilton, moving from the harbour to the interior of the city and out to the periphery.

Christina Sealey is a visual and sound artist based in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Working professionally since the 1990s, Sealey has won critical acclaim for her painting while also composing and performing electronic music around the world (solo and as part of techno / noise group Orphx). Her artistic practice explores the connections between self and environment, and is often based around phenomenological studies of people and place through images and sound.